Grand Bathroom & Sauna

Enjoy a relax moment at a spacious bathroom, while viewing the ocean.
Sauna with Grand Bathroom is also available at free of charge.

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    Persons with tattoo, body art paintings, and tattoo seals, or dead drunk persons are not allowed to use the Grand Bathroom and sauna.
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    Particularly the time range from 24:00 to 02:00 is crowded with many regular heavy-duty truck drivers.
Opening hours Boarding ~ 02:00, 08:00 ~ going ashore

Viewing Lounge

Please enjoy panoramic views outside the window.

Opening hours 08:00 ~ going ashore

Game Zone

Families and friends of a group can enjoy playing games together.

Pet Room (charge)

We carefully take care of your pets staying with you during travel (pet visiting hours are during the open hours of the Information. In addition, the size and number of cages are limited, so please ask the passenger reservation center for details).

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    Reservation is required in advance (charge).
Cages (reservation is required) Medium Size: 60cm high x 50cm wide x 60cm deep    4cages
Sink 1 unit

Smoking Zone

Smokers can also take a relax time.

Coin Lockers

Coin return lockers are provided (No refrigerated lockers are available).

Number of installed units 20 units
Size 32cm high×35.5cm wide×32cm deep