The Sunflower offers elegant cabins and amenities just as you would find at a fine hotel.
We hope you enjoy the panoramic views of sea and sky.

The Sunflower offers a range of cabins, from economy to suites.
Japanese traditional tatami flooring is available in both the Standard cabins and the Sunflower Sapporo’s Deluxe cabin on the evening ferry.
On the evening ferry, all restaurant meals are buffet style. At the dinner buffet, you can try sushi, sashimi (raw fish) and other traditional Japanese dishes.
Rice and miso soup are served every day.Chinese and Western dishes are also offered.
We recommend purchasing the two-meal coupon at 2,400 yen (which includes dinner with either breakfast or lunch). Lunch is a curry buffet.
Limited edition items! Our unique Sunflower goods can only be purchased in the shop on the ferry. We also offer a range of souvenirs, daily necessities and more!

* We only accept cash at the restaurant and shops in ferries.
Thank you for your understanding.

"Pacific Story" Package ticket
This is a one-way ticket between Tokyo and Sapporo for only 9,990 yen! (Excluding some periods.)
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