Passenger service

Fares(2017/04/01 - 2017/09/30)


Period A From Oarai 4/1-4/28, 5/4-6/30
From Tomakomai 4/1-5/4, 5/8-6/30
Period B From Oarai 7/1-7/20, 9/1-9/30
From Tomakomai 7/1-7/20, 9/1-9/30
Period C From Oarai 4/29-5/3, 7/21-7/27, 8/14-8/31
From Tomakomai 5/5-5/7, 7/21-8/3, 8/21-8/31
Period D From Oarai 7/28-8/13
From Tomakomai 8/4-8/20

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Fares for one-way

  Suite room* Deluxe room Standard room Casual room Economy room
per person
Period A ¥36,000 ¥22,110 ¥14,910 ¥11,830 ¥8,740
Period B ¥37,030 ¥23,140 ¥15,940 ¥12,340 ¥9,050
Period C ¥40,630 ¥26,740 ¥18,510 ¥14,400 ¥11,310
Period D ¥44,230 ¥30,340 ¥22,110 ¥18,000 ¥14,910
- OK - OK -

The prices in parentheses ( - yen) indicate the balance of driver fares (for an upgrade cabin minus the Economy room fare).

* Passengers staying in the Suite room will be served meals onboard.
We regret that refunds or discounts are not available even if you prefer not to have meals.

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Additional fee (per person)

* For passengers upgrading accommodations, please pay the upgrade fee.
* The driver's fare for economy room is included in the vehicle fares.

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Vehicle fares

Vehicle fares include one vehicle
+ driver (1 person) economy room fare
  Under 5m Under 6m
Period A ¥26,740 ¥31,890
Period B ¥28,800 ¥33,950
Period C ¥32,910 ¥39,090
Period D ¥39,090 ¥46,290

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Special items

Motorcycle (under 50cc) ¥6,170
Motorcycle (50cc - 400cc) ¥11,310
Motorcycle (above 400cc) ¥14,400
Motorcycle (above 750cc) ¥16,460
Bicycle, other checked baggage ¥1,950

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Under 30kg ¥820
Small animals, birds, plants etc ¥2,060

* Please contact us in advance if you are carrying special items or belongings.

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Fare details

  • Adult fares are for passengers over 12 years of age.
  • Child fares (half the price of adult fare) are for children in elementary school. Infants (less than one year of age) and toddlers (above one year of age but not yet in school) are free of charge.
    However, free fares are restricted to one toddler per one adult, and in the case that infants and toddlers require their own seat, a child fare must be purchased.
  • If individual cabin capacity is not met, cabins may be booked privately for an additional fee of half the price of one adult fare per unfilled seat. However, standard cabins with a capacity of four people (both Western type and Japanese style) may be booked by two or more people at no extra charge during period A and B.

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Information regarding discounts

* Doubling discount deals and special items are not applicable

Senior discount
Passengers over 60 years of age receive a 10% discount on passenger fares and a 5% discount on vehicle fares.
Passengers will need to show a passport or other personal identification for age verification.
*During period C and D are not applicable.
Round-trip discount
Passengers taking a round trip receive a 10% discount on their return trip fare. The maximum interval for the round trip is 14 days.
*During period D are not applicable.
Student discount
Students receive a 10% discount on casual and economy room fares.
Please show your international student card to the ticket counter staff.
Group discount
Groups of more than 15 passengers (excluding the driver) will receive a 10% discount.

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